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National parks

NP Plitvička jezera

Croatia's first National park established in 1949 covers 296.85 km2 of breathtaking natural splendor becoming with it the largest among the eight national parks of the country. Ranging in altitude from 367 m (Koranski most) to 1279 m (Seliški vrh) above sea level. The park was inscribed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1979, in recognition of its "outstanding natural beauty and undisturbed production of travertine (tufa) through chemical and biological action"...


NP Risnjak

Following the proposal of one of the most famous Croatian scientists, the botanist PhD Ivo Horvat, on 15th September 1953 the government of the Republic of Croatia legislated a Law about the forest of Risnjak becoming the National park, with an overall surface area of 3014 hectares.

In 1997 the Park’s area was extended to the surface area of 6400 hectares and together with the central part of the Risnjak massif includes the Snježnik mountain massif as well as the hydrogeomorfological natural monument – the Kupa River spring and its upper flow by which the wishes of prof. PhD Ivo Horvat have been fulfilled with regard to this area’s need for protection and valorisation.


NP Brijuni

Along the western Istrian coast there are several island groups among which the most interesting, the largest and most indented is the Brijuni island group with its 14 islands and islets covering and area of 7.42km2.

The present day boundaries of the National Park were set in 1999 and comprise the land, the surrounding sea with the seabed and cover an area of 33.9km2...


NP Mljet

For most people, Mljet is an island lost in the open sea, and the island is indeed hard to reach. But do not let this landscape - mentioned in the stories about Odyssey and St. Paul, as well as Benedictine monks and the Mediterranean Seal - remain a secret for you. Mljet is an elongated island, with an average width of 3 km, 37 km long. It is an Island of great diversity and contrast, and "Mljet" National Park covers his northwestern part with an area of 5.375 ha of protected land and surrounding sea...


NP Sjeverni Velebit

The Park is criss-crossed with numerous mountaineering trails. The most famous and widely known is the Premužić's trail, named after its constructor, the BSc forestry Ante Premužić who built it in the late 1933. The path runs through the most beautiful and the most interesting parts of the park.


NP Krka


NP Kornati

In the central part of croatian Adriatic Sea, about 15 Nm to the west from Sibenik town, 7 Nm to the southwest from Murter, or 15 Nm to the south from Zadar town, there is amazing group of islands named Kornati archipelago...


NP Paklenica

The area of Paklenica National Park stretches on the littoral slope of South Velebit directly above the settlement of Marasovići, up to the zone of the highest mountain peaks (Vaganski vrh, Babin vrh, Sveto brdo) – between 15°23’ and 15°35’ east geographical longitude and between 44°18’ and 44°25’ north geographical latitude...

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